What to Do if Your Pet Needs to Gain Weight

We spend a lot of time trying to keep our pets from becoming overweight, but it’s quite possible that the exact opposite is also necessary. Some pets are actually too skinny and need to gain weight! Learn more here from Vista veterinary professional.

See Your Veterinarian

Before doing anything, make an appointment with your veterinarian’s office as soon as possible. You’ll want to get any medical causes of weight loss ruled out before you try to pack the pounds onto your pet yourself. Various diseases, injury, or other medical problems could be causing your pet to avoid eating. Pets that have recently had surgery may also be reluctant to eat. Tell your veterinarian about your pet’s medical history, and get your pet cleared before you try the tactics below.

Supplement Your Pet’s Diet

Foods that are rich in carbohydrates can help add some weight to your pet. Try adding a few pasta noodles or a bit of rice to your pet’s food. Many pets will enjoy the taste of these foods anyway, so it shouldn’t be hard to get them to chow down. Ask your Vista veterinarian about other foods you may be able to supplement your pet’s diet with.

Make Food More Appealing

Some pets just need their standard food to be more appealing—animals can be just as picky as humans, sometimes! Try drizzling chicken broth over your pet’s food, or get pet-gravy at a pet supply store. Don’t use human gravy, though, as it’s too salty and sugary for your pet’s stomach to handle. Other pets might just like their food to be warmed up a bit. Pop your pet’s dish in the microwave to release the aromas and make food more appealing.

Change the Diet

Sometimes, pets simply tire of a diet they’ve been on for years. In these cases, you’ll have to try different brands or types of food to entice your pet to eat. Perhaps try switching to canned food if your pet has always eaten dry, or vice versa. You can even try mixing the two together in an attempt to get your pet’s appetite back.