Five Ways to Keep Your Cat’s Mouth Healthy

Since dental disorders in cats—or just about any animal, for that matter—are much easier and cheaper to prevent than treat, it’s important that you stay vigilant in keeping kitty’s mouth healthy. Use these five tips from your Vista veterinarian to do just that.

Regular Checks

At least once a week, check up on your cat’s mouth. Give her breath a sniff; it’s not going to be exactly pleasant, but especially offensive breath could indicate gum disease or other problems.

Look around the teeth and gums to check for redness, swelling, loose teeth, or any other unusual symptoms. Watch your cat’s behavior as well, since pawing at the mouth, excessive vocalization, or reluctance to eat could indicate a dental disorder.

Good Diet

Maintaining your cat’s healthy diet throughout her lifetime is a great way to promote good dental health. Feed your cat a high-quality kibble or canned food that is formulated to strengthen teeth and gums. Your veterinarian can recommend a quality brand and type.

Weekly Brushing Sessions

That’s right, you can brush your cat’s teeth! Pick up a cat-specific toothbrush and toothpaste from a veterinarian’s office or pet supply shop. Spend some time massaging your cat’s teeth and gums with your finger, getting her used to the brushing sensation, before introducing the paste and brush. Brush in small circles, one tooth at a time, to remove plaque and tartar. Ask your vet for more advice, or even a demonstration on proper brushing procedure.

Quality Chew Toys

Good chew toys help make teeth strong, scrape off tartar, and let your cat relieve her natural chewing instincts. Plus, they save your furniture or shoes from taking a beating! Just make sure your cat’s toys don’t have small, breakable pieces that she could potentially choke on.

Veterinary Visits

Preventative medicine is the best medicine—set up regular appointments with your Vista veterinarian’s office to keep your cat in tip-top health. Any health issues will be discovered early on, allowing for quick and easy treatment.