Beach Safety for Dog Owners

Many dogs love the sandy beach and rolling waves—you might consider taking your pooch to a fun family beach day. Just make sure he stays safe and happy, using these tips from a Vista veterinarian.

Supervise at All Times

When your dog is on the beach, keep a watchful eye on him at all times. Whether your pooch is frolicking around in the sand, exploring some dunes, or venturing into the shallows, you just never know what sort of mischief your dog could get into. Don’t let your dog approach other beach goers without getting their consent first—not everyone is a dog-lover like you!

Water Safety

If your dog decides to go for a swim in the ocean, go in with him. Even dogs that are strong swimmers might not be used to the feeling of the ocean currents. Never go too far out in the ocean, as dangerous rip currents or deep water could spell disaster.

You may even consider putting a doggie flotation device on your pooch for extra support. These are especially helpful for dogs who aren’t strong swimmers. Ask your Vista vet for a recommendation.

Stay Hydrated

Even though there’s an ocean of water in front of you, you must bring fresh water along to the beach for your dog to drink. The salt in the ocean water will irritate your dog’s stomach, and probably only make him thirstier. Offer him fresh water from the bottle regularly so he doesn’t become dehydrated.

Protect Against Sunburn

Dogs can get sunburnt, too, especially on exposed areas like the ears or tip of the nose. Consider applying a dog sunscreen to these areas. Find these products in pet supply stores or at your veterinarian’s office.

Rinse Coat Off

Once your dog gets out of the ocean and away from the sandy beach, give his coat a thorough rinse with fresh water. You don’t want to leave sand or salty ocean water in the coat, as it will dry it out and irritate your dog’s skin.