Is Your Pet Bird Sick?

Your pet bird Angel didn’t greet you with her usual chirpy song this morning, and she’s not looking like herself, either. Angel’s feathers are dramatically puffed up; however, her coat also looks a bit messy, like she hasn’t bothered to preen herself today. Angel’s been sleeping more lately, and when she wakes up she looks worn out rather than rested. She doesn’t have much interest in her surroundings, and she isn’t eating and drinking much, either. You don’t want to admit it, but Angel might be under the weather. This afternoon, you have an appointment with your Vista veterinarian, who can diagnose Angel’s medical problem and provide prompt treatment.


Neurological Symptoms

Just like humans, Angel can experience neurological problems that really knock her off balance. Angel seems to have difficulty remaining on her perch, and you’ve already seen her tip over twice this morning. At other times, Angel sits on the bottom of her cage, looking completely exhausted. Although you haven’t seen other neurological symptoms, you’ve read that seizures and unconsciousness can also occur.


Respiratory Indicators

Angel is breathing with her mouth open, and her tail bobs up and down with each breath. She also seems to have a nasal discharge on the feathers surrounding her nostrils. Since Angel makes very little noise when she breathes, you can’t be sure, but she might be wheezing and coughing a bit. Her voice also sounds totally different. If you had to guess, you’d say Angel was having respiratory symptoms.


Feather and Skin Abnormalities

You’ve always admired Angel’s bright, shiny feathers, but her coat looks really dull; and she’s been dropping an unusually large number of feathers on her cage floor. Angel’s coat even shows a few bald spots, and she’s nibbling on her feathers, a brand-new behavior for her. Angel’s skin is also getting flaky, perhaps from her incessant scratching. Her beak has taken on a strange texture and color, too.


Eye Irregularities

Angel’s eyes look really dull and cloudy, which is in marked contrast to the bright-eyed gaze you see every morning. One of Angel’s eyes also seems to have a reddish tone and some discharge, and the region around both eyes seems a bit puffy and swollen.


Once your Vista vet diagnoses and treats little Angel’s problem, she’ll hopefully make a speedy recovery, returning to her bright-eyed appearance very soon.