Benefits of Owning a Small Reptile Pet

You’ve been considering the merits of a small reptile pet, and you’re just about ready to take the plunge. You’re not new to pet ownership, as you’ve had dogs who greeted you at the door while their entire bodies wagged with delight. You’ve also owned snooty, aristocratic cats who believed you were one of the household staff. Looking at it that way, a reptile pet would provide you with a different type of pet ownership experience, one with its own offbeat appeal. Once you decide which reptile pet suits you best, you’ll schedule a new patient exam with your Vista veterinarian.


Small Space Requirement

If your house or apartment is severely space challenged, and there’s barely enough room for you to turn around, you might find it hard to accommodate an active, energetic dog. While a cat takes up less space, you’d still have to find room for a litter box and perhaps a comfy cat bed. A smallish snake or lizard comes with his own habitat, such as a spacious aquarium, and you can probably tuck that into a convenient corner.


Super-Low Maintenance

Perhaps your schedule’s a bit crazy, and you can’t run home several times a day to take a desperate dog on a potty walk. Maybe your stomach can’t handle a cat’s litter box that’s less than appetizing and is sometimes downright gross. Here’s some good news: your little reptile pet will likely be content to pad around his well-appointed little habitat, and you won’t have to babysit him. You’ll likely cut your feedings down to a couple of times per week, and small reptiles produce a minimal amount of waste. What’s not to like?


No Fur-Based Allergies

Maybe you wish you could share your home with a dog or cat, but your pet allergies put a stop to that plan pretty quickly. You’re also afraid you might be allergic to other furry creatures, such as a guinea pig or pet rat. This is where a small reptile begins to look attractive, as they’re generally covered with scales, rather than fur.


Finally, you’ll enjoy creating your reptile pet’s exotic natural habitat, such as a desert or rain forest. Make it as realistic as possible, and ask your Vista vet for his expert advice. After all, you want your reptilian pet to have the most sought-after apartment in town.