How to Make Your Arthritic Pet More Comfortable

It can be quite heartbreaking for a pet owner to watch their beloved furry friend suffer from the debilitating pain of arthritis. There are several ways, though, to make your pet more comfortable. Learn more below from your Vista vet.

Modify Your Home

Purchase or build pet ramps to help your pet get up on favorite furniture, up the staircase, or onto her favorite windowsill perch. Try tacking carpet onto the ramps themselves to help your pet keep her footing. Also try laying down carpet strips on slippery floors, like those made of tile or wood. This can help an arthritic pet keep her footing as she’s traversing these surfaces.

Pet Massage

Massage isn’t just for feeling good—it can help soothe tired joints, relax muscles, and promote the release of a pet’s natural painkillers, endorphins. Ask your vet about some simple massage techniques to try at home, and see if there are any professional pet masseuses in your area. The occasional massage treatment can do wonders for arthritic animals.

Proper Bedding

Many arthritic pets benefit greatly from the use of an orthopedic or therapeutic pet bed. These are available at pet supply shops, some vet’s offices, and various retail stores. Ask your vet to recommend one for your pet, and remember to lay several warm blankets around the bed as well.

Raise Dishes

For pets with arthritis, something as simple as bending down to get a drink of water can be quite painful. Try putting your dog or cat’s food and water dishes on a raised platform so she doesn’t have to bend her neck as much. Simply sitting the dishes on an empty shoebox can work well.

Diet and Supplements

There are specially-formulated arthritis and mobility diets, designed to bolster joint health, available commercially. Supplements such as glucosamine can also help promote joint health and assist with cartilage growth. Ask your veterinarian if these options may benefit your arthritic pet.

Your Vista veterinarian can offer more great tips for making your arthritic pet comfortable. Call the clinic today for more help!