Kitty’s Favorite Sports

Sports are definitely high on the list of America’s favorite pastimes. There is just something about watching athletes at their best that simply captivates us. When it comes to our feline friends, kitties may not have much interest in watching the football game on TV, but they definitely love playing sports. In this article, your local vet Vista lists a few of Fluffy’s favorite sports.


Have you ever seen a kitty sit upright and bat at something with her paws? Does your furball wake you up at breakfast time by smacking you in the face? Kitties can be quite ferocious little boxers. Some cats are great at delivering uppercuts, while others prefer the roundhouse. Whichever method they use, our feline friends definitely have some boxing skills!


Did you know that domestic cats can run up to 30 miles an hour? That’s faster than most land animals, and definitely quicker than humans! They don’t need a lot of warm up time, either: kitties can go from being sound asleep to racing full-speed down a hallway in a split second. Fluffy’s cousin, the cheetah, has been clocked at speeds of up to an incredible 100 miles per hour. Our feline friends really excel at running!

The High Jump

Your furball can probably jump about five times her height. That would be the equivalent of a human jumping about 25 to 30 feet! Some feline athletes have been recorded as jumping even higher. Nya-suke, a cute Japanese tabby, can jump well over 6 feet!


Kitties are great at batting balls around. If the spaces under the couch and stove counted as goals, your little furball would definitely be racking up points!


Fluffy’s claws come in handy for several things, and climbing is high on the list. Kitties have been known to excel at climbing trees, fences, wooden posts, and even walls!


If you’ve ever seen a cat walking along a fence or tree limb, you know that even the best balance-beam champions might have a hard time matching Fluffy’s balancing skills. Our feline friends are also great at rolling and jumping, which makes them natural gymnasts.


If you’ve ever seen your cat tackle another kitty, or pounce on a toy, you know she’s a natural at football! America’s favorite sport is definitely high on Fluffy’s list!


One simply can’t list the things cats excel at without mentioning napping. Kitties nap so much, it’s possible they actually consider it a sport. Cats typically spend up to 16 hours a day asleep, but some kitties spend a whopping 20 hours a day in dreamland!

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