Laser Therapy – Relief for Your Pet

What is Laser Therapy? Laser therapy is a painless treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light, creating therapeutic effects such as decreasing pain, inflammation, and swelling, and improving healing time. Cells absorb the laser light, which increases circulation, bringing oxygen, … Read More »

Is Your Pet Bird Sick?

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Your pet bird Angel didn’t greet you with her usual chirpy song this morning, and she’s not looking like herself, either. Angel’s feathers are dramatically puffed up; however, her coat also looks a bit messy, like she hasn’t bothered to … Read More »

Traveling with Your Reptile

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While reptiles aren’t the typical travel companions, as compared with dogs or cats, they can be brought along on a family vacation or trip. Here, a Vista veterinarian offers some help to make a trip as smooth and healthy as … Read More »