How fresh is your pet’s breath? Do you find yourself shying away from those wet, slobbery kisses? Do you have the overwhelming urge to reach for a breath mint every time your animal friend gets close? Not only is bad breath unpleasant, it could also be a sign that your companion is suffering from a dental problem.

Healthy teeth and gums play a critical role in your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. Yet, pet dental care is one of the most often overlooked aspects of veterinary care. Many pet parents don’t realize that without the proper care, companion animals face a significant risk of developing periodontal disease. This common yet serious medical condition can cause systemic problems throughout the entire body, affecting the heart, liver and kidneys and even shortening your companion’s life. Another extremely common dental problem is broken teeth. On almost a daily basis our doctors find pets with fractured teeth. Many of the broken teeth are infected. Your pet can’t tell you when they have a tooth ache and will endure pain similar to what you feel with a root canal exposure or abscessed tooth.

Palomar Animal Hospital wants to help your animal friend beat the odds. We offer comprehensive, professional pet dentistry services to handle all of your companion’s oral health care needs. Whether it’s a routine dental exam or teeth cleaning, or a more advanced procedure, such as a tooth extraction or oral surgery – we’ve got the experience, equipment and services needed to keep your pet smiling pretty for life!

Along with our professional dentistry services, we also offer advice and guidance for home dental care that you can perform on your pet in between vet visits. As your pet’s caregiver, you play an important role in helping them maintain healthy teeth and gums. We’ll show you how you can brush your pet’s teeth and offer recommendations on products you can use that support good oral health all year round.

If you want your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life – and we know you do – don’t neglect his or her dental care. Together we’ll work hard to help your animal friend achieve a lifetime of good oral health.