Learning that a loved one needs surgery is never easy, regardless of whether that family member happens to be human or animal. You want to be certain that your cherished companion will receive the best possible care, and that his or her safety and comfort will be well accounted for at all times. Rest assured that when it comes to surgery, you can feel confident that your pet will be in excellent hands with our team!

The doctors at Palomar Animal Hospital possess many years of experience in performing a wide variety of pet surgeries, both routine and complex. All procedures are performed in our state of the art surgical suite, using cutting edge equipment, technology and techniques, and always adhering to the strictest standards of care. We’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make your pet’s surgery a success!

We’ll start by conducting a series of pre-surgical tests to ensure that your loved one is healthy enough to undergo surgery. This also helps us to identify any potential concerns ahead of time so that we can prepare for them accordingly. We never want to place your pet at undue risk, and we’ll take every measure possible to ensure a safe and uneventful experience.

Your Pet’s Surgery

When the day of surgery arrives, we’ll welcome you in and get your pet prepped for the procedure. Our team will spend as much time as necessary helping your companion to relax and making sure he or she is comfortable prior to surgery. A customized pain management plan that has been tailored to your pet’s unique needs and risk factors will be carefully administered, and your loved one will safely drift off into peaceful sedation.

During surgery, the doctor will work with precision and care to perform the procedure as efficiently as possible. Your pet’s wellbeing will be monitored at all times by our highly skilled care team. Our surgical suite is outfitted with cutting edge equipment that helps us to make sure your companion remains as safe and comfortable as possible during surgery.

Post-Surgical Care

When the operation is complete, we will gently relocate your pet to our warm, quiet recovery area where monitoring will continue as the anesthesia begins to wear off. A member of our team will contact you to explain how everything went and make arrangements for you to come retrieve your pet. When you arrive, we’ll go over our post-operative care instructions, including a plan to manage your pet’s pain and make the recovery process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Once you’ve returned home with your pet, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that may arise. Remember – help is just a phone call away!

If you recently learned that your pet needs surgery, there’s no need to worry – especially with the experienced team at Palomar Animal Hospital on your side. We’ll have your little guy or girl fixed up and on the road to a full and speedy recovery in no time!